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We will make every attempt to get your vehicle up and on the road as soon as possible with safety and quality in mind at all times!

Whether you need a tune-up or just an oil change, all you have to do is make a phone call. We will pick up and deliver your vehicle back to you in a timely manner.

We maintain your entire fleet with computerized records that can be sent to you via email. All vehicle information will be stored and displayed at the top of each invoice including mileage & license plate number. At anytime you can call and get last service dates and detailed repairs on each vehicle. We can also provide a chart of “last visit” dates for all your vehicles.

All invoices are computer generated and very easy to read. Each part is displayed separatly for your convienance. Invoicing, like estimates, can be sent via email in a simple PDF format to get you your information within seconds.

If for some reason you have a vehicle down, give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. If needed, we can shuttle your driver back to your office as soon as he arrives.

Our excellent reputation is due to our high level of workmanship and our commitment to only use quality parts. As you know, saving a few dollars up front will most likely cost you 10 times more in the long run after having to redo the repair over and over again. We feel you will be pleasantly surprised to see that our prices are very competitive with out sacrificing top of the line service.  

We cater to fleets such as yours and the one thing we have is a great reputation. One is due to our service, the other due to the qaulity of workmanship and parts that are used on your vehicles. As you know, there are many brands of auto parts and we stick with the quality ones only. We have found that saving a couple dollars up front can cost you 10 times that in doing it again and down time. however we feel you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our prices are very competive on quality repairs with quality parts.

All parts and work is warranted. If a warranty issue shall arise, it will be taken care of immediately. We understand everyone offers some sort of a warranty. The difference between A-1 Fleet services and many other shops is that we actually put the warranty into effect. 

Even when your vehicle is brought in for just an oil change it is inspected with notes on your invoice. For instince, on an oil change we check the level before we drain so that we can report to you if it was low on oil when received. Some companies have rules that the driver checks levels daily. this lets you know if it’s truly happening. We also inspect lights and turn signals and replace a bulb if needed.

Part of our complete fleet service is that we can provide all your quarterly b.i.t. inspections as well. When a vehicle comes in for a b.i.t. it is inspected and then the report is scanned and emailed to you for your “in house” records. We also manage this entire process for you saving you time and money.


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